About the Roundtable

We cordially invite you to join us for The Inaugural Asset Owners‘ Roundtable On Securities Finance, Collateral Management & creating Portfolio Alpha. Our comprehensive meeting examines the profound changes in Regulation, Indemnification, Collateral / Collateral Management and Technology currently confronting Industry Professionals. This event is the first in a series that will offer an insider’s view and will provide sophisticated asset managers with valuable tools for improving their programs and educating their Boards and Investors about this critical function.

INTRODUCTION: In mid-2013, Securities Finance is in a state of transition. The changes which began in 1994 with the Fed dramatically raising interest rates and the damage sustained in many portfolios was followed over a decade later by the global credit crisis of 2008. These signature events dramatically transformed the industry from a sleepy backwater to a front-page industry; right now, the industry is reinventing itself in a time of unprecedented regulatory overhaul, legislative gridlock and ultra-low interest rates. Our Seminar has been specifically designed to synthesize the valuable lessons learned from the past to prepare you for the changes ahead. The sessions will provide a broad perspective on numerous investment management processes and will elucidate the overall role that Securities Finance plays in derivatives management.

EVENT FORMAT: Elements of this event have been organized in the general format of an “Unconference”, enabling participants in attendance to dynamically participate in free-ranging dialogues and discussions that are unconstrained by typical event time limitations.

DISCUSSIONS: The morning discussions will serve as a useful backdrop for thoroughly understanding the inner workings of the industry as well as the macro forces affecting it. The afternoon discussions will offer practical solutions and a useful takeaway for going through your program and making changes as necessary in the quest for program alpha while carefully managing risk.

FACULTY: This event features veteran instructors and leading practitioners who have decades of unparalleled experience in working with asset managers in sophisticated problem solving capacities. They will be freely sharing their expertise over the course of the day and offering practical solutions to the most pressing interrelated issues of the day.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Asset managers, custodians, agent lenders, prime brokers, investment consultants and law firms as well as securities lending technology companies and analytics companies.

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