Luis Melendez, Co-founder, MDii, LLC

Luis Melendez is cofounder of MDii, LLC where he is dedicated to improving patient care with the integration of medical devices and electronic health records, while enabling clinical innovation.

Prior to MDii, Luis was an Associate Director at Partners Healthcare. The systems he helped design and build are used in patient care across the organization. Over 1.5M secure messages are delivered daily from over 4,100 integrated medical devices spanning 20 geographical locations. This influential and groundbreaking work laid the foundation for pertinent Partners’ operations, and medical device cybersecurity, across the enterprise.

Before designing large-scale integration systems, Luis specialized in patient care settings and medical devices. Working in multidisciplinary teams, he designed and helped build operating rooms, intensive care units, various patient care buildings, medical devices and assembly lines.

He has worked on various National Standards, has numerous publications including two book chapters, and authored AAMI’s Compendium of Medical Device Integration and Informatics. He taught a Massachusetts General Hospital anesthesia resident Machine Course, and a Technology Board Review lecture for staff CME and graduating residents. Luis has been an invited speaker at a number of national conferences including the Society for Technology in Anesthesia, FDA Summits, and AAMI.

Luis’ strength is putting things, and processes, together that don’t exist (yet). He’s a builder – of teams first, and medical things second.