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The Healthcare Technology Foundation

Medical Connectivity Consulting



Medical Connectivity Consulting serves medical device and health care IT manufacturers, and health care provider organizations. Founded in 2004, the company provides insight, strategy development, planning and execution targeting workflow automation through the integration of medical devices and information systems, and enabling technologies. Principal Tim Gee delivers most services, supplemented by a network of industry experts. Engagements typically entail top of mind knowledge and experience, analysis and problem solving skills honed over many years, and the provision of additional resources for specific projects or tasks. Services for manufacturers span product development, regulatory strategy, sales, marketing and operations. Provider services include technology management and planning, process reengineering, and traditional vendor selection. Medical Connectivity Consulting consistently delivers high value services, saving clients both time and money.

Contact: Tim Gee, Connectologist & Principal
Tel: (503) 481-2370
Email: tim@medicalconnectivity.com
Website: www.medicalconnectivity.com







Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services for safety-focused and regulated markets such as Healthcare providers and IT vendors, Government agencies and supporting contractors, and Medical Device Technology manufacturers. Run by internationally recognized technology strategy guru Shahid Shah (“The Healthcare IT Guy”), Netspective enables product companies to focus on building the next generation solutions, guides enterprises through the regulatory environment with ease, and helps Healthcare and Medical Technology firms generate revenue and profits along with providing patient safety and improved care. Netspective is a pioneer in Integration, Mobility, Cloud and Big Data technologies that help enterprises achieve significant benefits and positive business impacts in the coming years. Our focus in regulated IT helps us meet business goals for companies that can’t afford to get their strategy or implementations wrong.

Contact: Gunjan Siroya, Chief Revenue Officer
Website: www.Netspective.com







Sphere3® creates mobile dashboards and interactive tools for hospitals to improve HCAHPS, Safety, and reduce Alarm Fatigue. Aperum®, a mobile dashboard that analyzes variable patient need generated from medical devices, provides hospitals with operational vital signs for the clinical team. Snapit! Pro is a root cause analysis visualization tool that enables better learning and reengineering of processes for continuous improvement. Leadit!™ automates leadership rounding initiatives and provides patient perception feedback at the point of care. This allows managers to engage with full understanding of how variable need is impacting patient experience.

Contact: Kourtney Govro, CEO
Tel: (913) 227-4478
Email: info@sphere3consulting.com

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Burwood Group, Inc.






Blair Hannah
Director of Marketing
Email: bhannah@burwood.com
Tel: (312) 327-4660













Email: info@rti.com
Tel: (408)990-7400









Margaret Turano, Director of Marketing
Tel: (617) 759-0735
Email: Margaret_turano@symantec.com




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