This conference builds on the strength of our ten previous Healthcare Unbound events. The Healthcare Unbound Conference offers timely and practical information as well as visionary perspectives. Over the years the conference has attracted hundreds of high-level executives and clinicians from across the US and abroad.


In 2002, Forrester Research coined the term “Healthcare Unbound” to encompass the trends toward self-care, mobile care, and home care. More specifically, Forrester describes Healthcare Unbound as “technology in, on and around the body that frees care from formal institutions.”

The Healthcare Unbound Conference will focus on technology-enabled consumer engagement and behavior change. Technologies to be discussed include wearables, mHealth, remote monitoring, eHealth and social media.

Moving beyond just a “cool technology” focus, this event will offer practical approaches for healthcare stakeholders and digital health companies. The program will address the reasons that the sustained adoption of digital health technology is below expectations and what can be done to change that, showing examples of successes and also highlighting lessons learned from failures. The conference is based on the premise that technology by itself is not the solution; the solution must be a combination of process (services), technology and business model (be it all combined in one company or via a network of partners) providing the end-to-end solution.

Some key topics to be covered include:

  • The evolving role of Patient Digital Health Platforms and wearable technologies and the implications for healthcare stakeholders and technology companies.
  • Examples of how technologies to promote patient engagement have been used effectively in post-discharge monitoring, chronic disease management and mental health to improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  • Opportunities and challenges in creating linkages between electronic health records and consumer-facing technologies such as remote monitoring, social media, wearables and mHealth applications.
  • How to aggregate and analyze patient generated health data so that it’s most useful to patients, providers and payers. How to convert data into knowledge and make it available at the point of care.
  • Strategies and methodologies for showing the clinical effectiveness and cost savings associated with digital health products.
  • Key considerations in designing products to engage health consumers.
  • Privacy and security considerations.
  • Reimbursement and regulatory considerations.
  • Emerging business models and strategies for collaboration for technology companies. Financier perspectives.

This year’s program will also feature brief presentations by innovative startup companies.

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