Partner Organization

The Collaborative Health Consortium (CHC)





The Collaborative Health Consortium (CHC) is a member-supported industry group of passionate companies and individuals devoted to enabling collaborative care and the businesses, technology and care delivery ecosystems that support collaboration for better health.

CHC seeks to promote the use of new health care platform architectures of participation, which include:

* Use of the Internet and the Web for EHR technology.
* Explicit design for information sharing and online communication among providers and patients/consumers.
* A modular or component architecture upon which applications can be aggregated to meet specific clinical and workflow tasks.
* Patient/consumer engagement tools that facilitate ongoing health management and care coordination.
* Interface and data exchange standards for information sharing that emerge in a market-driven manner.

Applications can be distributed as software or as software-as-a-service, can be installable or downloadable applications, and/or can run in a browser, and are intended to support today’s dynamic health care environment by supplying the right information, at the right time and the right place.

The CHC mission is “to enable collaborative, coordinated and accountable patient care. We work across industry boundaries to innovate platforms and tools that integrate technological architectures, business ecosystems, and patient care.”