Eisenhower in Denver – A Case for Care Collaboration and Strategic Openness

Vince Kuraitis previews his Healthcare Unbound keynote using Dwight D. Eisenhower’s heart attack in Denver as an example of a time when we used to be pretty good at care coordination.

Kuraitis says, in 1954, “the team was physically present, there was no need to synchronize communication and collaboration.”

When care was centered around the physical location, or what Kuratis refers to as the “the physical platform”, the communication and collaboration was also centered around location. And we used to be pretty good at care coordination.

Kuraitis says we are moving “from hoarding to sharing” and that there will be big opportunities for what he calls “strategic openness” now that the healthcare platform has moved beyond the “physical platform” to, presumably, a virtual, web-based platform.

Come to Healthcare Unbound to find out how strategic openness will apply to health care and what new opportunities will arise. See you next week!

Vince Kuraitis, 2013 Healthcare Unbound Keynote Preview – June 27 Pilots & Colaborations from Collaborative Health Consortium on Vimeo.