Fee for Service is Dead, What Now? Mark Blatt, MD, Previews Healthcare Unbound

This past Friday on a weekly call for the Collaborative Health Consortium, Mark Blatt, MD, Director of Intel Health, gave a rousing introduction to some of the issues that will be front and center at Healthcare Unbound on July 11th and 12th in Colorado.

Blatt says Fee-for-Service (F4S) medicine is a dinosaur that will not survive. He didn’t mince words, calling on providers to get ready now, “this is like a 30-day eviction notice…and it’s happening faster than anyone thinks.”

Blatt says the problem is that Healthcare is a bubble, and it will burst. He’s not sure when, but healthcare is overpriced, and we’re just starting recognize it. The culprit, he says, is how physicians are paid, and it’s amazing we’ve put up with it for this long.

A new survey  in Health Leaders says 38% of providers now believe F4S will be gone within 3 years.

Mark goes on to make the point that collaborative care is the answer to survival to provide better care for less, and in fact there’s even new CPT codes for care coordination.

According to Blatt “We’re moving fast…they’re willing to pay for non face-to-face services. They’re not going to pay you for production, they’re going to pay you for coordination.”

The time to make the transition in now, or it’ll soon turn ugly.

According to Blatt, you’ll need to do four things to be successful in the transition. The order is not as important as getting started:

1. Patient empowerment
2. Mobilize data
3. Share data
4. Gather and store data

Blatt goes on to say that, in a value-based health care system, care has to be coordinated beyond the clinical firewall to everywhere that patients are.

This is a great intro to a talk that’s sure to raise eyebrows. We look forward to the discussion that will follow on July 11th and 12th with Blatt and many more leading health care thinkers that can help us make the transition to this new world of health care.

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