Healthcare Unbound Conference: High Impact Engagement to Shift the Context of Care


Forrester Research coined the term “Healthcare Unbound” to encompass the trends toward technology aided self care, mobile care and home care. More specifically, Forrester describes “Healthcare Unbound” as “technology in, on and around the body that frees care from formal institutions.” The Healthcare Unbound Conference will explore these key technologies that will enable payment reform, meaningful use and help to reduce runaway healthcare costs.

Traditionally, healthcare has been bounded by the places in which it has been traditionally practiced, hospitals and clinics, what Clayton Christensen calls “high-cost venues” of care. According to Christensen “Disruption in health care entails moving the simplest procedures now performed in expensive hospitals to outpatient clinics, retail clinics, and patients’ homes. Costs will drop as more of the tasks performed only by doctors shift to nurses and physicians’ assistants.”

The shift has irrevocably started, moving from a system of institutions as the hubs, and patients as the spokes, to patient-centered care. According to one Pioneer ACO, “We have come to realize we have to incorporate the most important member of the care team — the patient. With our finite resources, we must figure out ways to offload what we have thought as tasks that needed to be done by our staff. In most cases, it’s the patient who can do it more effectively.”

There are now three big changes driving this shift:

  1. Ubiquitous connectivity is opening vast new opportunities for technologists and healthcare practitioners to expand the boundaries of where and how care is practiced with remote sensors, smart phones, apps and more.
  2. Payment reform and the associated quality measures and shared risk are shifting the economics of care.
  3. Meaningful use incentives are squarely focused on consumer engagement, driving EHRs to become systems that can share information and engage patients outside of institutions.

To meet these challenges and adapt to the changing currents, it’s more critical now than ever to understand the tools and strategies we can use to shift the center of healthcare and change the context of care.

Patients will need to be given the tools to improve decision-making to where 99% of decisions that affect their health are made: at home. Engagement ultimately means influencing decisions patients make on a daily basis in the contexts they inhabit every day.

The Healthcare Unbound Conference has been bringing leading-edge thinking on these issues for over a decade; this year, in the context of ubiquitous connectivity, payment reform and meaningful use. The skills learned and connections made promise to be even higher impact than ever. There will be a focus on consumer engagement, entrepreneurship, government-private initiatives and accountable care. We hope you can join us on July 11th and 12th in Denver, Colorado to learn from leaders how care will be delivered in the years to come. Register today.