Mike Jacobs, Distinguished Engineer, Optum

Mike Jacobs is a Distinguished Engineer at Optum in Eden Prairie, MN. Mike is currently focused on high priority strategic technology initiatives, innovation and guiding the maturation of our agile architecture and engineering practices.

In his previous role, Mike was a portfolio architect responsible for the strategic architectural direction of the Risk, Quality and Network Solutions line of business and the approach taken by many of the projects implementing the strategy. Mike also advised the organization direction for Scaled Agile, architecture governance and technology standards.

Mike joined Ingenix (now called OptumInsight) as an Application Architect and Technical Lead. He played a significant role in several major analytic technology initiatives and population health applications.

Prior to joining Ingenix, Mike was the Chief Architect for Mayo Collaborative Services Incorporated (MCSI) and the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic.

Before Mayo, Mike was an Application Architect for Kingland Systems in the financial services sector where he led the team that won the Iowa Governor’s Da Vinci award for innovation. He also spent time as CPU chip designer, software developer and framework architect at IBM.

Mike has authored several patents and magazine articles and has presented at domestic and international conferences.

Twitter: @mikejacobsuhg
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mnjacobs