Doug Bulleit, Managing Partner, DCS Health, LLC

Following twelve years as BellSouth’s Chief Strategist, Mr. Bulleit left with the AT&T merger to assume the role of founder and Managing Partner at Disintegrated Communication Systems (DCS), LLC⎯an advisory firm focused upon eCommerce and healthcare consumerism.

At BellSouth, Mr. Bulleit focused primarily upon core business growth initiatives. In particular, his work resulted in a material expansion of BellSouth’s convergent digital networking, broadband/IP, electronic commerce and Managed Services positions. Prior to his corporate strategy tenure, he spent six years as President of BellSouth’s Advanced Networks Group: unregulated units developing an assortment of enhanced network services.

Before BellSouth, Mr. Bulleit founded ICS-TranstexT®. ICS focused upon early packet data network applications and was, ultimately, acquired by BellSouth to form the nucleus of its Advanced Networks unit. ICS had previously been spun out from Heery International, the South’s largest engineering firm, and it was there that Mr. Bulleit was awarded the first of his six issued patents while working his way up to the level of Principle/Vice President of Planning & Corporate Development.

Subsequent to undergraduate studies at Purdue and Georgia Tech, and passing his state board examinations to become a registered electrical engineer, Mr. Bulleit later completed the Executive Programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT’s Sloane Business School and Singularity University at NASA Ames. He now lectures at GaTech on blockchain technology and has served on the Boards of Atlanta’s Resource Opportunity Center, the Atlanta Metro Group, Point B Communications, Atrica Networks, and the Brookwood Group as well as the University of Georgia’s College of Arts and Sciences Board of Visitors.

Contact Info:

Doug Bulleit
273 12th Street, Suite 412
Atlanta, GA 30309

404 219 7110