Dawn Jutla, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Peer Ledger

Dr. Dawn Jutla is Chief Executive Officer of Peer Ledger, a blockchain company targeting primarily Pharma, Healthcare, and Government sectors. Her other hats are as the Scotiabank Professor, and founder/director of the graduate Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation program at Saint Mary’s University. Dawn received her Master and PhD degrees in Computer Science on the topics of distributed systems and access control protocols from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. She has expertise in designing blockchain applications, privacy and security, and business and technology strategy and management. Her company has implemented a SAFE-Bio Pharma standards-compliant Blockchain Identity Translation (BIT) platform for system administrators and software developers to manage user identities, strong multi-factor authentication, unification, delegation, and portable identity services in a secure Peer Wallet for both mobile and web. Dawn currently sits on the Board of Directors at the OASIS Open international standards organization, and on the Board of the IWK Health Centre.