Demographic trends will drive changes in the healthcare system. The patient population is growing and growing older. The number of professional providers cannot keep up with the demands of the patient population. Chronic conditions absorb > 75% of healthcare costs, and most patients requiring chronic care have multiple chronic conditions. It follows that to contain costs and improve outcomes, care must move from large facilities to the home and community. The universe of care providers and technologies that support care will expand how we think about patient support systems. The silos of traditional care will break down as coordinated care becomes standard. Payment systems and incentives will change to focus on the whole patient over the expanse of the patient’s lifetime. Blockchain will be intimately involved in all of these changes. The experts on this panel will show how the new capabilities for patient identity, data access, validation of health records over time, IoT linkage, and new forms of social connection and engagement will transform healthcare services for patients and for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Neil Wasserman, PhD, Managing Partner, Timewave Analytics, LLC & Chief Design Officer, SynchCare, Inc. 
Nick Gogerty, CTO & Co-Founder, Healthcoin
Mike Jacobs, Distinguished Engineer, Optum
Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH, Founder & CEO, SimplyVital Health
Erik Pupo, Managing Director, North America Clinical & Health Management Services, Accenture