This workshop is for attendees who want to accelerate the practical implementation of blockchain technologies. The workshop will be led by experts with both business and technical expertise in blockchain applications. Beginning with practical exercises in business design, the workshop will allow participants to explore technical alternatives for pilot implementations.

The workshop will offer presentations on design techniques and issues of particular relevance to the technical application of blockchain infrastructure capabilities. Since blockchain technologies are evolving rapidly, the aim is to give workshop participants the latest information on the state of the art in blockchain. The key component of the workshop, however, will be a series of guided exercises in business design and planning for phased technical implementation of the intended business application.

The workshop participants with come away with:

  • A high-level design for a business application using blockchain technology (use case and concept of operations)
  • A preliminary technical design identifying options for implementation
  • Cost, timing, and resources required for the pilot design and implementation process
  • Needs for managing change in the participant’s business organization and user environment (customers, partners, supporting businesses)
  • Understanding of legal and regulatory considerations
  • A plan for monitoring, measurement and assessment of the pilot implementationWe expect that participants will gain usable practical experience with pilot design and understand how to make decisions that will maximize learning from the pilot implementations and accelerate the path toward successful applications of blockchain technology that can scale to enterprise requirements.

Workshop Chairperson:
Neil Wasserman, PhD, Managing Partner, Timewave Analytics, LLC & Chief Design Officer, SynchCare, Inc.

Workshop Instructors:
Edward Bukstel, CEO, Clinical Blockchain
Philip Clothiaux, Director of Membership and Projects, Hashed Health
Kyle Culver, Solution Architect, Humana
Mike Jacobs, Distinguished Engineer, Optum
Susan Ramonat, Founder & CEO, Spiritus Partners