The opening keynote will begin by asking the question of why a Healthcare Blockchain Summit now? Moving beyond the usual discussion of hype and anti-hype, what are the pragmatic concerns that are driving more interest in blockchain over the past year and how can decision-makers begin to engage with the technology in light of current health IT needs? As blockchain itself evolves, the challenge of “skating to the puck” becomes even more challenging. One of the keys to success in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, in the context of a very complex health IT landscape littered with political uncertainty, is to think strategically about “cooperation” with other partners and across divisions within companies. Healthcare is a wicked problem demanding innovative approaches to cooperation and new technologies such as blockchain can benefit from utilizing strategic cooperation as a tool. The successful platform strategies we see in other sectors of the economy have figured this out and we will likely see the future of healthcare influenced by both platform economics and innovative uses of blockchain. Given the maturity level of blockchain and the complexity of healthcare, blockchain advocates themselves are already seeing the value of cooperation in driving adoption and interest, developing conversations on standards and a host of other areas that we will hear discussed throughout the summit. This keynote will explore opportunities for building an innovative cooperative ecosystem that can drive more effective appropriation of blockchain in the health sector globally.
Jody Ranck, DrPH, CEO, Krysalis Labs & Executive Vice President of Strategy, Ram Group