It is official; blockchain has arrived in healthcare but the trajectory it will follow in the coming years is an unmapped territory waiting to be explored. Wall Street has invested heavily over the past two years in Fintech startups and industry-wide collaborations to modernize the banking sector. In healthcare we are beginning to see startups in this new space and more health IT vendors beginning to research the potential impact, building pilots and strategizing on opportunities that blockchain may present in the future. The Healthcare Blockchain Summit will offer the opportunity to hear practitioners and researchers who are actively involved in developing blockchain technologies share their visions and experiences.

2015-2016 saw a record number of security breaches involving health data that have made health IT vendors stand up and take note of how much work needs to be done on the cybersecurity front to make health data secure. Blockchain offers one potential solution to this challenge. Interoperability and the need to connect data silos for more seamless delivery systems and improved patient safety also fall within the realm of emerging blockchain solutions. From employee wellness programs that address the need for privacy of data to peer-to-peer insurance models, blockchain offers the opportunity to develop new business models. Many of the activities in the financial sector that address identity management systems have analogous applications in healthcare.

The road ahead for blockchain and healthcare will also require substantial intra-industry cooperation as well as dialogues between the public and private sectors on the roles of standards and regulatory frameworks. The Healthcare Blockchain Summit has an explicit goal of deepening our collective knowledge of the potential and pitfalls of blockchain, creating a Launchpad for collaborative efforts and exploring the potential for intra-industry cooperative efforts that can catalyze innovation in the healthcare blockchain space.

The themes that we will explore include the following:

  • Regulation and standards for blockchain; the role of government in promoting the use of blockchain
  • The Hyperledger Project and intra-industry collaboration
  • Strategies for accelerating the development of a blockchain ecosystem, including the role of consortia, working groups and standards bodies
  • Lessons that healthcare can learn from other industries’ use of blockchain
  • Blockchains as platforms
  • Blockchain and IoT in healthcare
  • Blockchain applications for identity management
  • Pharma applications of blockchain, including supply chain management
  • Using blockchain to facilitate health information exchange and interoperability
  • Precision medicine and blockchain
  • Building a patient-centered health IT infrastructure using blockchain
  • Blockchain innovation in healthcare services and its role in facilitating care coordination, patient engagement, population health management and revenue cycle management
  • Blockchain applications for provider data management
  • Blockchain use cases for rare disease and social determinants of health
  • Patent protection for blockchain

The Healthcare Blockchain Summit will be more than a forum for blockchain strategies. The Summit will offer guidance on appropriate applications of blockchain technology, featuring use cases and an optional post-summit workshop on the design of blockchain pilot projects.

  • If you are a healthcare provider or insurer, the Summit will show you how blockchain solves the patient identification challenge, and how blockchain will change how patient care is coordinated, and how patients access care, how services are paid for, how the blockchain will reduce costs through the application of analytics to behavior change and how patients manage their health.
  • If you are a healthcare innovator in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or healthcare services, the Summit will point to blockchain innovations that reduce the cost of clinical trials, enable precision medicine, and secure health data.
  • If you are involved with health technology, the Summit will show you how blockchain techniques will change how patient health data is managed and accessed.  The blockchain will impact EHR systems, health information exchanges, cybersecurity, and digital health in in all its forms.
  • If you are an investor in healthcare and financial services, the Summit will connect you with leading blockchain innovators, and show you what to look for to realize investment leverage in the blockchain economy.
  • If you are an academic, government official or consultant involved with healthcare policy, the Summit will put you on the forefront of blockchain policy initiatives in healthcare privacy and security, payments, and quality and cost management.
  • If your company has an existing blockchain initiative, the Summit will position you to take advantage of important opportunities in the healthcare sphere.

We have an exciting agenda planned for March 20-21, 2017.  Please mark your calendar and give us your input so that we may address your needs.  We hope you will join us at the Healthcare Blockchain Summit and help lead the impending transformation in healthcare services.

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