Tom Woolf, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University Department of Physiology and Department of Computer Science & CEO, DaiWare, Inc.

Tom is a tenured professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School, and CEO of DaiWare, Inc., a blockchain based software company which is developing novel approaches to integrating machine learning and blockchain. His areas of expertise include big-data systems, and multidisciplinary research combining biophysics (cell and molecular behavior), physiology (health and organ systems), and computational analysis (computer science and biomedical engineering). Tom’s research focuses on applied and computational mathematics, cybersecurity, data science, blockchain technology and development, entrepreneurship, digital currencies, machine learning and its applications to blockchain.

He is a past editor-in-chief for the Journal of Membrane Biology, and is on the editorial board for the journal, Proteins. He has been recognized with multiple national awards, including an Ulam Fellowship at the Los Alamos Center for Non-Linear Studies, the Markey Charitable Trust, and the American Heart Association for contributions to research.

Twitter: @DaiWare_Inc