Neil Wasserman, PHD, Managing Partner, Timewave Analytics

Neil Wasserman, Managing Partner at Timewave Analytics LLC, and and Adjunct Professor, Computer Science at George Washington University, focuses on engineering behavior change — on how innovative solutions emerge from understanding the impact of persistent, networked behaviors.  He has been involved with IT strategic planning, enterprise architecture, systems analysis and software implementation for more than two decades.  More recently he has worked with healthcare startups at the boundaries of behavior change, new healthcare service models, and data analytics.  He sees blockchain as a key accelerator for the transformation of the medical culture to serve patients through creation of patient neighborhoods, which achieve long-term engagement in individual health, and change the costs and outcomes for chronic disease.  His award winning book, From Invention to Innovation (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press) examined the foundations of innovation in telecommunications at AT&T.  He has spoken frequently on networked behaviors and complex systems at IEEE conferences and other venues.  Neil Wasserman has a PhD. from Harvard University, and an A.B. from Cornell University.

Twitter: @nwasserman