Cyrus Maaghul, Founder, HealthCombix & Board Member / Founder, PointNurse

Cyrus Maaghul is a serial entrepreneur currently applying distributed systems, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology to the healthcare industry as founder of HealthCombix and PointNurse. His experience as a payments technology entrepreneur and working inside world class organizations like Fidelity Investments and Deloitte give him a unique perspective to advise, develop strategy, and build decentralized networks. Mr. Maaghul is currently working with a team of software engineers and healthcare professionals developing new foundational infrastructure for decentralized healthcare at HealthCombix including identity, consent, privacy, smart health trusts, governance, and asset management capabilities. PointNurse is a DAO-based peer-to-peer virtual care platform seeking to drive down the cost of primary care and nursing by displacing various intermediaries. Cyrus’ interest in blockchain technology began in 2013 after investing in Bitcoin and seeking to solve problems related to peer-to-peer data sharing, security, and virtual community governance. Cyrus’ thought-leadership has appeared in articles on Coindesk, Nasdaq, Distributed, and other media outlets.