Aymen Elfiky, MD, MSc, MBA Attending Physician Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

As a medical oncologist in an era of unprecedented scientific, technological, and social changes, Dr. Elfiky has been dedicated to the ideal of physicians as the natural advocates for care delivery systems anchored on the health of patients and society as a whole. As a key opinion leader on value-driven greenfield healthcare initiatives, he advises on local, national, and international committees that are responsible for engineering modern, interconnected health systems. At organizational and network levels, Dr. Elfiky orchestrates ongoing development and implementation of data analytics infrastructures and digital care platforms that create and capture shared value across the spectrum of stakeholders.

Leveraging his ongoing clinical experience, Dr. Elfiky also co-leads multi-institutional collaborative efforts to develop innovative care models that optimize value-based clinical outcomes across the care continuum by delivering adaptive, analytics-based insights at the various points-of-care. In parallel, as a physician-entrepreneur, he devotes time to advising digital health startups in the areas of mHealth, telehealth, knowledge representation, and medical devices.