Adrian Gropper, MD, CTO, Patient Privacy Rights

Adrian Gropper, MD is CTO of the non-profit Patient Privacy Rights Foundation where he brings training as an engineer from MIT and physician from Harvard Medical School. A career medical device entrepreneur, he founded AMICAS (NAS:AMCS) as the first Web-based radiology PACS and the first to provide imaging links in electronic health records and two other regulated medical diagnostics businesses. Adrian helped create Blue Button, Direct Project, and OpenID HEAlth Relationship Trust (HEART) and speaks frequently on privacy engineering in health care. His paper won a prize at ONC’s 2016 Blockchain Health competition. His current project, HIE of One Trustee, uses public blockchains, standards and open source software to enable patient-controlled independent health records that can last a lifetime. He is active in blockchain standards development for identity, credentials, and reputation with groups that include W3C, IEEE, Kantara, OpenID Foundation, and others.