• Broadly, where is blockchain being integrated into the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industries?
  • What are the key advantages in leveraging blockchain and smart contracts for biopharmas?  What are the advantages of linear vs. multidimensional blockchain?
  • What does blockchain add to organizations?
  • What are the current barriers to entry themes for biopharmas?  How are companies navigating those challenges?
  • What security challenges are Pharma & Biotech companies facing as it relates to patient, safety, clinical, and operational data?
  • From an execution standpoint – are companies taking an enterprise-driven or issues-driven approach to integrating blockchain into their organizations?
  • Where have the panelists seen the most success both in short and long term?
  • Are organizations relying on a ground-up development strategy or “turnkey”?
  • How are organizations approaching the development of blockchain capabilities?  Do they have existing teams equipped with the right level of technical acumen to oversee any external vendors?
  • Relevant Examples: Pricing / Contracting, Patient Owned Data, Claims processing – minimizing redundancies, Records keeping // sunshine act // JSOX

Brian Slizgi, Director, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences R&D Advisory, PwC
Ajay Ahuja, MD, MBA, CEO, Nexus
Scott Bischoff, Director of Marketing, Nexus
Dany De Grave, Founder, Unconventional Innovation