Advancements in the family of technologies referred to as “artificial intelligence” or AI continue to accelerate and deliver breakthroughs in healthcare, with recent examples in radiology, ophthalmology, and diabetes management filling headlines. This panel will introduce and explore AI methods such as machine learning, deep learning, and robotic process automation and its convergence with blockchain and distributed ledger technology. We’ll look at how blockchain can be used to more rapidly assemble the very large data sets needed to successfully train AIs, the role of smart contracts in this process, the mechanics of off-chain big data storage, and the critical role that auditable data provenance plays in manifesting ethical, transparent AI inferences and conclusions.
Heather Flannery, CEO, Obesity PPM
Roger Boodoo, MD, Co-Founder, Diagnosis Protocol & Clinical Informatics Fellow, University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System
Dr. Paul A. Markham, MBA, President, V3 Health Strategy
Tom Woolf, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University Department of Physiology and Department of Computer Science & CEO, DaiWare, Inc.