This session will give an overview of the opportunities for blockchain to improve health science research and advance evidence-based clinical practice. It will give an overview of potential applications from basic science to clinical research to meta-analysis with a focus on how blockchain can reduce the 17 years it takes to go from “bench to bedside” giving us better science, cheaper research, and faster miracles. It will touch briefly on impact in areas including administrative grant review, regulatory review, reproducibility challenges and solutions, peer-review
and publications, and meta-analysis. It will cover some of the key efforts in the current blockchain health science ecosystem. It will also provide an in-depth real-world example of meta-analysis opportunity that can expanded with the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research registry (FITBIR; This session will serve as a primer for a more in-depth look at multi-site clinical research trials and associated regulatory challenges that blockchain can resolve for clinical researchers in the following session.

Sean T. Manion, PhD, CEO, Science Distributed