The Second Annual Healthcare Blockchain Summit

Technologies and Business Models for Digital Transformation, Collaboration, and Decentralization

TCBI and Krysalis Labs present The Second Annual Healthcare Blockchain Summit, to be held in Boston on June 11-12, 2018. The Summit uniquely addresses the power of blockchain-based platforms to transform healthcare systems and business practices. The Summit will enable participants to understand and apply the new blockchain business models and technology that will enable innovative, decentralized mechanisms for service delivery, payments, research, and patient engagement. Platform business models, which leverage the power of networked consumers and producers, became the dominant business models for Internet-based companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Airbnb.  Blockchain technologies will likely have a similar impact on companies that act as platforms for networked consumers, providers and payers in a newly decentralized healthcare business environment.

This year’s Summit builds on the strength of our inaugural Healthcare Blockchain Summit, which was held in March 2017 in Washington, DC. Our 2017 event brought together leaders from hospitals, health plans, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, law firms and government organizations to discuss the most pressing issues related to implementing blockchain technology in healthcare organizations. Business Insider included our inaugural Summit in its list of the world’s best blockchain conferences and expos to attend in 2017. Keynote speakers included David Schweikert [AZ-06], Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives. Click here to view Congressman Schweikert’s keynote address.

Blockchain technology and platform models form a powerful foundation for integration of a wide range of transformative healthcare technologies and systems: artificial intelligence, telehealth networks, patient portals, electronic health records, data and analytics, supply chain management systems, payment systems, care management, clinical trials and treatment tracking, workflow management systems, intra-industry collaboration and data sharing in the cloud, and other opportunities.

The question is not whether, but how your business will be disrupted by blockchain based-platforms. Blockchain will be a major driver for the digital transformation of healthcare business models. Like the Internet, the most powerful players will be those who take advantage of platform business strategies, following the examples of Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb.  Who will be the platform players in healthcare?

Key issues that will be discussed at the Summit include:

  • How will platforms for blockchain infrastructure and business functions affect the healthcare ecosystem?
  • How will platforms impact blockchain-based business models, access to patient records and supply chains?
  • What will be the platforms for clinical trials, patent adherence, and care coordination?
  • Will payment platforms be managed by large technology service providers and other third parties, large healthcare providers, or current payers?
  • What will be the infrastructure platforms for blockchain-based services?
  • How will ICO/token initiatives and platform business models affect health financing for innovation and growth?

The Second Annual Healthcare Blockchain Summit will bring together healthcare providers and payers, blockchain companies, pharma companies, health data and health IT companies, government agencies, consulting firms, healthcare innovators and investors to learn from each other and from a distinguished list of speakers.  We welcome your participation. 

The summit agenda will address the diverse needs of multiple players in the healthcare industry.  The agenda is designed to enable cross-fertilization of ideas and contacts among:

  • Healthcare providers and payers seeking new ways of delivering care, controlling risk, and managing the complexity of payment systems in a rapidly changing care environment
  • Healthcare innovators in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services
  • Healthcare technologists who focus on innovation in how data is managed and accessed
  • Healthcare investors seeking opportunities for investment in new healthcare business models and new modes of supporting the change agents of the industry

Click here to view the preliminary agenda.

For additional information, including speaking and sponsorship/exhibition opportunities, please contact:
Satish Kavirajan, Managing Director, The Center for Business Innovation (TCBI), Email: sk@tcbi.org, Tel: 310-265-2570
Vince Kuraitis, Principal, Better Health Technologies, Email: vincek@bhtinfo.com, Tel: 208 395 1197
Jody Ranck, CEO, Krysalis Labs, Email: jodyranck@sbcglobal.net, Tel: 510-333-0597
Neil Wasserman, Managing Partner, Timewave Analytics, Email: nwasserman@tmwv.net, Tel: 202-556-1501

Speakers Include:

Ajay Ahuja, MD, MBA, CEO, Nexus
John Bass, Founder & CEO, Hashed Health
Scott Bischoff, Director of Marketing, Nexus
Roger Boodoo, MD, Co-Founder, Diagnosis Protocol & Clinical Informatics Fellow, University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System
Doug Bulleit, Executive Director, The FHIRBlocks Project
Christian Catalini, PhD, Fred Kayne (1960) Career Development Professor of Entrepreneurship & Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management, MIT Sloan School of Management
Srikanth Challa, Senior Director of Blockchain, Infosys
Kyle Culver, Solution Architect, Humana
Dany De Grave, Founder, Unconventional Innovation
Michael Dillhyon, Founder, healthbank
Aymen Elfiky, MD, MSc, MBA, Instructor, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Instructor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Heather Flannery, CEO, Obesity PPM
Lorraine Frias, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives – Blockchain, Advanced Technology Collaborative, Optum
Alan Gilbert, MPA, FHIMSS, Chief Growth Officer, V3 Health Strategy
Michelle Gitlitz, Partner, Blank Rome LLP
Gary L. Gottlieb, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Partners In Health & Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Mark Grand, Senior Director (Digital & Analytics), HCL Technologies Ltd.
Adrian Gropper, MD, CTO, Patient Privacy Rights
Thomas P. Gross, MS, JD, Attorney & Member, Adjunct Faculty, The George Washington University Graduate Business School
John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology, Harvard Medical School
Donna Houlne  BSN, MHA, MHRM, US Healthcare Leader, Global Business Services, IBM
Dr. Gordon Jones, President & COO, Universal Health Coin
Vince Kuraitis, JD, MBA, Principal, Better Health Technologies
Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH, Founder & CEO, SimplyVital Health
Stuart Lackey, Co-Founder & CEO, Solaster
Nick Larocca, CIO & Co-Founder, Acero Health Technologies
Sean T. Manion, CEO, Science Distributed
Dr. Paul A. Markham, MBA, President, V3 Health Strategy
Evin McMullen, Product & Operations, Linnia, Consensys
Gary Meyer, AVP, Cognizant
Robert Miller, Director of Business Development, Medicalchain
John Moore, Founder & Managing Partner, Chilmark Research
Jason O’Meara, Director of Enterprise Information Management, Quest Diagnostics Enterprise Architecture and Design
Susan Ramonat, Founder & CEO, Spiritus Partners
Jody Ranck, DrPh, CEO, Krysalis Labs & Executive Vice President of Strategy, Ram Group
Ron Ribitzky, MD, Founder/CEO, R&D Ribitzky
Christine Ferrusi Ross, Independent Product Development and Marketing Consultant
Ricky Sahu, Co-Founder & CEO, 1upHealth
Adi Segal, CoFounder & CEO, SeeThru
Raj Sharma, CEO, Health Wizz
Brian Slizgi, Director, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences R&D Advisory, PwC
Paul Viskovich, Founder & CEO, Optima Curis Inc.
Neil Wasserman, PhD, Managing Partner, Timewave Analytics & Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, George Washington University
Tom Woolf, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University Department of Physiology and Department of Computer Science & CEO, DaiWare, Inc.

About the Summit Organizer:

Founded in 2000, The Center for Business Innovation (TCBI) produces timely, well-researched conferences and exhibitions. TCBI has garnered a reputation for creating unique programs that focus on healthcare technology innovations and their role in improving health outcomes, reducing costs and enhancing patient satisfaction. Key topics covered at TCBI events include:

  • Blockchain applications in healthcare
  • Technology-enabled patient engagement and behavior change
  • Business intelligence and analytics in healthcare
  • Medical device connectivity and interoperability
  • Healthcare messaging technology applications in healthcare
  • Healthcare cybersecurity

For additional information, including a complete listing of current and past conferences, please visit: www.tcbi.org